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MessageSujet: LONDON LFCC TRIP BY LINE 44-2   Lun 2 Oct - 7:42

Good as I promised you we are Saturday and I post you the continuation of the adventures of the Triplets in London. I dedicate this episode to my two adorable triplets who struggle until no time to please you.

episode 2:

I see a nice cool and casual man help her: but wait , girls! I know him ! No, that's not possible !!!!! It's fate !!!!

- Evelyne, look it's him !!!
- Who ?
- The Man ! Get back soon !!!
- What? I do not see anybody ?
- It's him !!! I tell you !!!!
- Who in the end?
- Rick !!!!

And there, we are like 2 16-year-old teenagers tetanized, paralyzed in front of the Star. A sun lights up our eyes, we can't move ... Like a God in his halo of light, he helps this woman (of his entourage we think ). We see MacGyver and Jack O'Neil assembled in one man: that proud knight we love so much. We admire him; he is perfect this "waouh" man.

The girls tell us to go there to see him but we can't, if we bother the security forces will prevent us from passing, we don't want to disturb him. And we must admit without our third Triplette we lack the audacity.

On the way to Evelyne hotel, we laugh, we redo the scenario, we tease Josyane, we are happy; we think we found the Rick's hotel during the convention !!!!!!

In the evening we will pick up our passes for the LFCC. Worried about our Triplette who has not yet arrived and we have so much to say! Where to start ?

Finally, Josyane arrives very late, the poor, after a great adventure. We talk about it a lot, we make films, we are totally delirious. In short, we're like kids.

We finally decided to put on our investigators' caps; the Sherlock Holmes and Watson go to the attack: it is necessary to solve this mystery: Which hotel? Which floor ? Which room ?

Friday 28 July 2017 At the LFCC

After a restless night, filled with strange dreams (how to talk to him, what to tell him, go meet him in the lobby of the hotel?) And a quick breakfast, we are completely excited to see the Man.

We meet in front of the Gold Pass and Diamond Pass (as long as to see our fetish actor as much as have the direct line cut). Josyane, arriving late after many adventures, left in search of her passages that she could not have the day before (bravo to the organization that returned the ball) for about 1h. With the girls one walks in the aisles of the stands , so many purchases to make! Not good for the coins but good we are limited by the weight of the luggage and then we have 3 days of shopping in addition seeing Richard. We lost two of the triplets: decisively this weekend carries the poison to Josyane lol! Oh, here's the Sea Shepherd stand! Great we meet all in front of this super booth and we meet a guy named Shane (rooh Josyane if you were not married). Quick ! The time of the photo with Richard.

In the order Josyane, me, Evelyne and Cécilia, her daughter: He arrives angry, irritated (we do not know why, we heard him groan) but he tries to look good for his fans, he stumbles: hop little acrobatics, he catches up with the scenery that almost collapsed, his talents as actor in action to make us believe that he is wounded on the back and we laugh : 2 minutes of pure happiness ... Because of his small clumsiness, he puts on the lace of his trousers.

In the crowd is heard a wouhwouh, a woman, taken by the festive atmosphere, dances by making the gesture of a lasso throw, one wonders who is this crazy one of Richard (Index one of the three Triplets not necessarily the one you believe )! A look at the woman jerk (lol) who makes him laugh, he regains his good humor and sketches a fake strip tease (what a rogue!) It lacks more music for more happiness but no, he will not go further. Too bad or not!

We start the photo session each one our turn to the chain but when we are in his arms, a smile, a kind word, a hug, time stops a few seconds for perfect happiness. An immense joy invades our heart, we forget everything then why move from there? An arm draws us from this dream because we have to pass a maximum of people Eh! Oh ! Richard is not an object anyway! No wonder he does not make many conventions, this must be exhausting for him.
It's hard to get out of this intoxicating torpor. It was so nice !!!! Now, we have to find where he signed the autographs and when? Time is running and we turn in circles so it is so well indicated! Finally, we find (thin it's after lunch time but if we're going to eat we're going to lose our place in the line.) Well, we'll wait. but it is out of the question to move of the line because we are in the first (a few people before us) Finally it happens and as usual he is late but he is our idol, so we forgive .

This is the autograph session; We are in the same order as for the picture. He signs our respective photos then 20 minutes of happiness where we are in a time bubble and we discuss with him as if we were with a good old buddy and especially Josyane because she speaks better English than we do and she is the less shy. We offer him a few souvenirs. He is delighted that the letters sent by his French fans are on USB stick and translated =). Crow is getting impatient behind us ( but no too much : fans are very patient) but it doesn't matter, he takes time for us. He is so sweet, adorable .... There, luckily my husband is not jealous hihi.

A small "paparazzi" takes some pictures to enhance the memories of the Band. She only expects one thing: shopping.

We have a good time but a question bothered us: is Richard Dean in this hotel close to the convention?

See you next time ! Wink

Life is too short not to have fun !
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