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 Biarritz, France

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Yesterday, for the short story, we went for a walk along Biarritz with two of our grandsons (the 3rd, teenager, having made the fiesta all night with friends, was not awake or even in a state to accompany ... At their request, we went to the https://www.aquariumbiarritz.com/en/ and then to the https://www.citedelocean.com/en/
We took advantage of it, between 2 "wow, how beautiful this fish" and "look, there is a moray!" to explain that yes, they are beautiful and seals also and sharks (small) also but they would be so much better in their natural environment ... The basins where they are are so small compared to the Ocean or the Sea where they come, they or their ancestors ... Between two games of "virtual reality" (they loved!) in the city of the Ocean, we gave a discrete layer ... We hope the message is passed ...But for how long ?
Here are some pictures (message to GrainOfSand: taken with my laptop and unmodified, no time!) Taken for the occasion!
Biarritz, France  Dsc_0020
Biarritz, France  Dsc_0019
Biarritz, France  Dsc_0015
Biarritz, France  Dsc_0016
Biarritz, France  Dsc_0018
Biarritz, France  Dsc_0017
Biarritz, France  Dsc_0115
Biarritz, France  Dsc_0113
Biarritz, France  Dsc_0114
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Biarritz, France
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